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In case you would like to order custom printed usb drives in bulk, send us an email with the details of your demand. We reply as quickly as we can. Usually we answer every email within 48 hours, latest within 72 hours. Please send image of your logo, possibly a vector-graphical one. This is important if you want your logo on the printed usb. In case you send a logo we can send you a preview back.

About the distributor

We are a small family-owned company with a rich background. 3 of us run this business. Rita is expert in wholesale of custom printed usb drives. She has been running her own wholesale business already for 7 years. The company name is PendriveGuru. This is a market leader in Hungary, dispatching thousands of custom printed usb drives weekly.

Read Rita words on the 3D printed customflashdrive idea

Rita_contact her to order custom printed usb drives in bulk As the founder of PendriveGuru, I work with many companies to make up and carry out outstanding promotional gifts.
Our aim is to give a gift which is used on a long-term. Partners, who get this promotional gift, can see the corporate image every time when the flash drive is used.

Running my flash drive business website I get many queries if I can deliver one single flash drive only.
Purchasing my own 3D Printer and becoming an expert in 3D Printing, the answer for that question became “YES”.

So from now on at customflashdrive it is no matter how many custom-made flash drive you want to order. There is no minimum order here: We deliver the one single piece and we deliver the many.

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Contact me at rita@customflashdrive.co.uk!

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