3D Printed Custom Flash Drive, Print Your Own USB Case or Keychain

3D Print Your Own

3d print your own flash drive

Do you have a printer at home, or in your office?
Make your own 3D printed custom flash drive, or print a name tag for your keychain!

Follow these steps and your model is ready for download!

  • First, add your text, max. 10 characters
  • Second, select a shape
  • Third, add a hole for the key ring or for the USB memory stick
  • Finally, download your STL file

1. Enter your text below

2. Select a design next

Choose among these 3 shapes

Model 1_3D printed custom flash drive

Model 2_3D printed custom flash drive
Model 3_3D printed custom flash drive

3. Add more here

You must add a hole in order to glue your USB drive into the 3D printed flash drive case. If you skip this step your printing can still function as a name tag, or a keychain.

4. Choose a colour for preview

Please note that colours are just for preview, in order to help you imagine your art before printing.

STL models are monochrome in fact. Therefore the real color depends on your 3D printer and the filament you choose.

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How does it work? Read or tips on 3D printing

  • STL files are sent in email, soon after the payment is completed.
  • 3D models are generated automatically with the right scaling and orientation that is ideal for 3D printing.
  • These models surely do not need any support while 3D printing.
  • STL files might need to undergo some fixing. For quick fix and repair we recommend NetFabb.
  • For suitable USB memory sticks, that fit the hole perfectly, look for a V7 Nano USB stick nano usb 2.0 by v7

Printing Parameters in detail

We use 2 types of 3D printers. The first one is a Witbox and the second one is a Leapfrog Creatr. Here we are going to explain our printing settings based on our experiences with these 2 machines.
In the first place we must tell you that we use PLA as printing material.
For this reason these settings are specifically for PLA.
Use other settings in case of different printing materials such as ABS!

  • Wall Thickness: 0.8 mm – The Extrusion Width of both printers’ nozzle is 0.4 mm. Therefore 1 shell is not enough to provide sufficiant strenght, however 2 shells and a total wall thickness of 0.8 mm gives a good print result. This will be a strong and durable USB case in fact.
  • Infill: 15% – Minimum 15% infill is recommended for stability. Otherwise the outcome might easily brake. Please use this setting for satisfactory result. Obviously you can higher the percentage of infill, but do not lower them. This is a honeycomb-shaped infill. In case you use this setting of 15% infill one print will take about 30 mins.
  • Printing Speed: 150 mm/sec – Printing Speed has an influence on quality.

Become a Reseller

We receive excellent feedback from our customers. Your customers will definitely love their 3D printed custom flash drive as well. Contact us if you would like to become a reseller!

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