How to use alt codes editing your flash drive text?

How to use alt codes editing your flash drive text?

What is an alt code?

pink flash drive gift with silver stick, alt code is used
Alt codes are special characters such as ☻, ♥, ♦, ♣, ♠, ♪, ♫, ☼, ►, ▓.
They appear when pressing ALT key and numbers from the NUM LOCK pad in the same time.
All of them can be used as flash drive letters. This is how you can shape the I ♥ You flash drive.Look at this picture on the left! It is a pink flash drive, model No3.

Which flash drive model is suitable for alt codes?

Model 3, the 3rd one in the row is suitable to handle alt codes. So don’t be surprised if you enter the alt code, but you do not see anything on your entered text suddenly dissappear. Model 3 is the same as you see on this picture on the left. When you enter your text into the flash drive designer click on the 3rd model before typing.

Alt code list – copy any special character from here

If you want to see one of these alt codes on your flash drive drive just simply copy one or enter it pressing the ALT key and the matching number on your NUM LOCK in the same time.
Don’t you have a separate NUM LOCK on your keyboard? This youtube video shows you where is the NUM LOCK on your laptop.
☻ 2
♥ 3
♦ 4
♣ 5
♠ 6
♪ 13
♫ 14
☼ 15
► 16
░ 176
▒ 177
▓ 178