How to make a custom flash drive? - Personalised USB

How to make a custom flash drive?

How did we start it? 3D printing as a solution

make a custom flash driveWe also raised the “How to make a custom flash drive” question, when we created this website. That time we already had a custom flash drive wholesale business. This was the PendriveGuru.
Starting from scratch PendriveGuru become one of the wholesale market leader of promotional usbs and other gadgets in the Hungarian market. Honestly we are proud of this achievement.

But the question was still there: How to make a custom flash drive when you want to serve only one customer with one single personalised usb case? It is not wholesale any more. We wanted to make one single customised usb drive without the high production cost of moulding tools.

And then the idea flashed across our minds: 3D printing is the answer. This was in 2015, when all the 3D printing technology was so new and nobody knew what is the fuss about it. Even in 2017 there are only experimenting with 3D printing. So that is. We have made our experiments too. Through hundreds of models and printings we have created 3 shapes which suit well to our 3D printing machine and to a certain usb memory stick as well.

After these experiments we were confident enough to distribute the prints, so we created this website customflashdrive. When I say we, I mean our team that consists of the following members: Rita manages the PendriveGuru, she has all the wholesale business experience, she is the entrepreneur. Her brother is Peter. He is a programmer and the technical guy in the 3D printing business. Emese, Peter’s wife, who helps in editing the website and she puts much effort into online marketing. This is our tiny team 🙂

Craft websites to make a custom flash drive

There are several sites for craftspeople who are seeking answer to the question: “How to make a custom flash drive?”. We also present at such sites like Thingiverse or Instructables. Find the list of these craft websites below. You can download one of our free STL models from each link.

So if you have a 3D printer or your friend does, do not hesitate to download a model for free and start your own experiment!

List of Craft websites with free 3D models

At these websites we distribute free 3D models mainly in STL format. We try to upload as many free models as we can, but naturally our time is limited too, and we can’t figure out every personalised text what is in your mind. So if you have a 3D printer or your friend has one, do not hesitate to visit our stl design page and make your own custom flash drive!

How can you customize and download your STL model at

3D models for 3D printing - make a custom flash driveYou enter your text and choose one of the 3 shapes. The STL file is sent to you in email.

The 3D model file is generated automatically with the right scaling and orientation that is ideal for 3D printing.
These models do not need any support while printing.

0.8 mm wall thickness and at least 15% infill is recommended for stability.

The STL file might need to undergo some fixing. For quick fix and repair we recommend NetFabb.

For suitable memory sticks that fit the hole perfectly visit Amazon
So go and download your own 3D model and print a personalised usb case!

Anything else you should know?

If you are not satisfied with the printed result we can support you at info [at] customflashdrive [dot] gift. To personalise and download your STL file costs 3 EUR only. We accept paypal and credit cards. And there is a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days after your purchase.