Top 5 of 3D printed gifts - Personalised USB
3d printed bug gifts for kids

Top 5 of 3D printed gifts

Making gifts with a 3D printer

When you have a 3D printer you start to feel the fun part of this printing story. You are thrilled to print something new, because you want to try, to see, to touch it with your own hands. You feel the power of making things: cookie-cutters, keychains, bracelets, earrings, spoons…etc. And sooner or later you want to share these wonderful items with your friends. So you start producing 3D printed gifts and soon you open a gift store, or at least you start selling flash drives 🙂

In this collection I share 5 well-designed 3D printed gifts, gathered from various sites such as mashable or pinterest

1. Headphone cable clip
3D printed gifts: headphone cable clip

2. Buttons
3d printed gifts: buttons

3. Xmas ornaments
xmas 3d printed ornament

4. Cookie cutters
cookie cutter: 3d printed gifts

5. Bug toys for kids
3d printed bug gifts for kids
These are my favorites besides our flash drives, which was a great pleasure to prototype and print.